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April Fools 2013

Infinite Prey
Prey And Prejudice
P Is For Prey
Fifty Shades Of Prey
Solar Prey
Patriotic Prey

April Fools 2014

Cyber Prey
Maple Prey
Eat Prey Love
Sacred Prey
Lettuce Prey
Live And Let Prey

April Fools 2015

Lords of Prey
Generic Prey
Cosmic Prey
Choose Your Own Prey
Clockwork 1: Prey

April Fools 2016

The Sound and the Prey
Prey Expectations
War and Prey
Finnegans Prey
The Old Man and the Prey
The Scottish Prey

April Fools 2017

Bird of Prey
Slender Prey
Frozen Prey
Master and Prey
Gods of Prey
Jurassic Prey

April Fools 2018

Seven Percent Prey
Elder Prey
Barbaric Prey
Satanic Prey
Martian Prey
Forbidden Prey

April Fools 2019

Cheddar Prey
The Girl Who Stalked Her Prey
Lunar Prey
Boring Prey
Drunken Prey
Atomic Prey

Drunken Prey

Atomic Prey!
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Tremble, pathetic mortals! Tremble before my awesome might, and behold the face of your new master!

A month ago, U.S. Marshal Lucas Davenport was involved in a raid on a Mexican cartel storehouse. They expected to find guns. Instead they found ten barrels of radioactive sludge rigged to a bomb. The explosion exposed everyone in the building to a lethal dose of radiation. Almost nobody survived a week.
But Lucas? He's feeling better than ever. Stronger. Faster. Smarter. Last night, he managed to slip free of his government minders and ran a two-minute-mile. He's not bulletproof, and he can't fly, but a tiny voice inside his head adds "yet" to those statements.
But Lucas wasn't the only one who survived. The cartel leader — ironically named El Cancer — has been changing, growing huge muscular tumors all over his body. And last night, he broke out of his cell by the simplest way possible: he punched through the wall and jumped the fence.
Now Lucas has two problems: his new and unknown strength, and a crazed murderer who seems to be unstoppable, and who seems to be growing stronger all the time.
And as their paths start to converge, Lucas realizes that he wasn't in an accident: he was in an origin story. But is it his story? Or does it belong to El Cancer?

April 1, 2019