Infinite Prey

Infinite Prey!
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"It's the end of the world. It's the end of all worlds. Isn't it beautiful?"

Earth-399. Captain Lucas Davenport of the Minnesota State Police has a problem. A deranged killer vanishes from a secure cell, leaving behind only a message written in blood — "The Absolute is upon us."

Earth-425. Homicide Chief Lucas Davenport of the Minneapolis Police has a problem. Dozens of mutilated corpses appearing, seemingly out of nowhere. The cause of death: a weapon that can't possibly exist.

Earth-908. Investigator Lucas Davenport of the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension has a problem. A routine drug raid turns into a shoot-out, and in the aftermath, Lucas finds that one of the dead bodies is his own.

Earth-ΘΣ. Paradox Agent Lucas Davenport has a problem. Someone, somewhere, somewhen, is killing universes. And the only connection between them... is Lucas Davenport.
Now, as space and time start to unravel, Lucas has no choice but to team up with his other selves to find out why everything is pointing towards him, before it's too late.
And should he fail, nothing will happen. Ever, ever again.

April 1, 2013