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Broken Prey · Preview Chapters

Broken Prey, tall paperback

Lucas Davenport confronts a living nightmare, in one of the spookiest Prey novels yet from the number-one bestselling author.

"There are reasons why John Sandford's Prey series has been so wildly successful, and they begin with our old friends plot and character," praises the Washington Post. "But in Broken Prey, Sandford has outdone himself. He is at the top of his game. You want to know the only thing wrong with this guy? He makes it look easy."
But there is nothing easy about what Lucas Davenport faces now.
The first body is of a young woman, found on a Minneapolis riverbank, her throat cut, her body scourged and put on display. Whoever did this, Lucas knows, is pushed by brain chemistry, there is something wrong with him. This isn't a bad love affair.
The second body is found a week later, in a farmhouse six miles south. Same condition, same display — except this time it is a man. Nothing to link the two murders, nothing to indicate that the killings end here.
"This guy..." Lucas said. He took a deep breath, let it out as a sigh. "This guy is gonna bust our chops."
And soon he is going to do far, far worse than that.
A suspect emerges early: a man recently released from a prison hospital and who now seems to have cut himself free from his court-imposed ankle bracelet and disappeared. But the more Lucas investigates, the more he wonders: Is this really the man? Could he really have done this all by himself? And where has he gone to, anyway?
And meanwhile, a predator waits....
Brilliantly suspenseful, consistently surprising, filled with rich characters and exceptional drama — once again, "Sandford has outdone himself."

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