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Author websites

This is a list of mystery and thriller authors. While the list has a wide range (most people would agree that Janet Evanovich and Thomas Harris have different styles), I'm still keeping it limited to mystery and thriller writers. So while I might want to throw in a link to Steven Brust, I won't be putting it in the list below.
Like all lists of this nature, it is incomplete. If you have any additions you think should be included, please send them in.

Book info and sales sites

This is a list of search sites, book dealers, and related services. Feel free to send me more if you know of some that should be added (and, of course, tell me if the links change or die).

Other resources

I'm going to put other mystery/thriller links here, such as online magazines, general mystery websites, and other stuff like that. If you know of one that belongs here (or if you run one yourself), feel free to send in a link. Right now, there are only four links. Send in more!